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Rush Ultra Strong - the original Rush formula!

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One of the most known brands of poppers is Rush. A strong popper that has been on the market for 40 years and has been providing its consumers with unimaginable sexual experiences with sufficient quality and guarantee not to harm their health. Always taking into account the advice for its moderate use and making sure not to buy imitation products.

Composition of Poppers Rush
Poppers Rush improves sex and enhances orgasm without producing addiction, because the chemicals in this product quickly leave the body when they do their job. This sexual poppers is made with amyl nitrate and isopropyl nitrate, an over-the-counter prescription as it is completely legal. A sexual substance completely designed so that the user can relax the muscles, as the main effects are vasodilation or the relaxation of blood vessels.

 How to use Poppers Rush
The experience will begin with a feeling of heat, a sudden increase in positive emotions, increased lust, and decreased inhibition. This product began to be consumed in the 70's, especially in clubs and weekends.

Many compare the behavior of some animals with their sexuality, not forgetting that orgasms last much longer and can occur continuously thanks to the effects of poppers.

Caution should be exercised when using poppers, as unmoderate consumption can have negative and very serious effects on your health, such as causing cardiac or neurological damage. Therefore, consume poppers sparingly and always inform yourself about their effects on the body.

Poppers precautions to take
Poppers should not be used with other sexual stimulants such as viagra or penisex. If you have heart problems you should also be careful because poppers speed up your heart rate. But above all, poppers should not be ingested. Never drink poppers.

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